Monday, 19 June 2017

St Kents Sport

This is our St Kents sport
We all had a lovely time we all had to be split in three groups I was in the third group our coaches were Kaeleb and Pacey they were cool they were both boys so we all got to play a game called touch but we changed the rules for touch they had to take off there tags to say that they got touched and our coaches said if a girl scored we get four points but if a boy scored they get only two points so we all played and I was in the yellow team and my friend was in the red team. So my team got six points and the other team got one then after touch we played passing but we had to stay in our touch teams so we passed it was a challenge so if one of your teammate dropped the ball then you won't have to restart but our team had only seven people and the other team had eight people so we had to pass it on and my team kept on winning but the most funny part is when the other team had to do ten push ups and pick up the cones. Then we finished sports and we had to go in a circle like a bunch with kaeleb and Paceys coach said we all have to come in a bunch and we did do it then we all came and we putted our hands on each others shoulders then we all said good-bye!

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