Monday, 17 October 2016

The Blooming Cherry Blossom Trees

Room 9 went to the Botanic gardens and I learned that there are different native trees and one we saw at thew garden was the Pohutukawa tree. We were so excited. So we went and explored. First we saw the Dandelions and then we all changed our names to names of plants and flowers. My name changed to Cinnamon  because I saw the cinnamon tree first. It smelled just like the cinnamon we eat. It was so nice I couldn't stop smelling it.

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Jen&Chris said...

Hey Joanlisi!

Learning about your trip was so interesting! We're from Toronto, and we don't grow Cinnamon trees (but we love its smell and use it to bake delicious cookies all the time!).

It sound like you guys had a lot of fun at the Botanic gardens! Keep exploring the world around you - our planet is an amazing place!

~Jennifer and Christina

P.s - The picture that you posted is really pretty :)

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