Monday, 14 August 2017

A Favourite Memory That I Will Always Remember

A Favourite memory

My favourite memory is when I performed in front of people, It was Awesome until  I went on the stage, I SAW PEOPLE so I got nervous that I will might mess it up but eventually I didn't mess it up then I got so happy and when I finished performing, people were clapping their hands so I smiled and I almost cried but then realised that I was strong and confident. My family was happy for me and my cousins too, but I wasn't the only one dancing by myself I was dancing with my brother Va'a but I performed just for my uncle Simati he passed away and then we all decided to dance for him but not just dancing we sang to him and it was kind of a sad song but it was cool but I cried out tears not just me everyone did but the middle of the song my brothers phone ruined it because his phone was ringing but lucky my aunt answered it and it was my uncle in Samoa and... he almost had a heart attack so i got scared. The End

My Group Is Learning facts About Tigers

What did we learn about Tigers

How long is a male tiger- 4m

How much does a tiger weigh- 300kg

What does a tiger eat- deer,pig

How does a tiger attack- It attacks biting at the neck of its prey

How does it continue to eat- it starts by eating the legs first and continue to their way to the head

Is a tiger part of a cat?- Yes the biggest cat in the worl

Can tigers swim?- yes because it has webbing's between its toes

Sunday, 23 July 2017

It's Good To Be Back To School


When i'm back to school I feel like i'm more smarter and BETTER THAN BEFORE and I LOVE SCHOOL WELCOME BACK TO MY BEAUTIFUL BLOG! I have new goals one is to move up to a higher reading group and be better then I am now. My holiday was so fun well i think school is more fun but i had a beautiful and relaxing holiday.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Spirit Animals Reading A Book Called A Country Like Mine

 A Country like mine
We've been reading a text called "A Country Like Mine". It was very interesting and it was about him living in Iran. The capital city of Iran is Tehran and did you know that a lady has to look modestly and cover her head and wear beautiful colourful cloths. If you don't wear it then you break the law and they even have to wear it at school. The story also had little boy called Alli Rabbani in it and he is ten years old and when they had their dinner or lunch they had to sit on the floor and eat. In New Zealand we eat on the table.

Monday, 19 June 2017

St Kents Sport

This is our St Kents sport
We all had a lovely time we all had to be split in three groups I was in the third group our coaches were Kaeleb and Pacey they were cool they were both boys so we all got to play a game called touch but we changed the rules for touch they had to take off there tags to say that they got touched and our coaches said if a girl scored we get four points but if a boy scored they get only two points so we all played and I was in the yellow team and my friend was in the red team. So my team got six points and the other team got one then after touch we played passing but we had to stay in our touch teams so we passed it was a challenge so if one of your teammate dropped the ball then you won't have to restart but our team had only seven people and the other team had eight people so we had to pass it on and my team kept on winning but the most funny part is when the other team had to do ten push ups and pick up the cones. Then we finished sports and we had to go in a circle like a bunch with kaeleb and Paceys coach said we all have to come in a bunch and we did do it then we all came and we putted our hands on each others shoulders then we all said good-bye!

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Malo E lelei... What Does That Mean?

This term our inquiry topic is about Tonga and I have been learning about differences and similarities and my group has been working on this for ages and the people that were in my group is me obviously, Jessica, Peni and lastly tyra.