Monday, 2 July 2018

The End Of Hip Hop😭😭😭😭

Saying goodbye to Jess....

Our hip hop instructor Jess has helped out a lot of students at Ruapotaka school and its sad to hear her leave. We had tons of fun with her from the past few weeks when she was still here teaching us she has been helping us with our confidence and she told us to not to give up. Jess taught us a lot of new dances but with old songs and the songs that Jess has chosen for us was Manolo , Lean And Dab and Up Town Funk. These songs were represented as our hip hop dance. This is it and all I want to say is thanks to Jess for teaching us a lot of dance moves and especially the wave that included our arms and fingers that was a famous dance action to do in a lot of hip hop movies.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Buddy Reading With Room 6😁

Buddy Reading
Last Monday we had Room 6 to come in Room 12 for buddy reading my buddy was Emily.
Her Goal that I gave to her was that she needed was to pronounce her words when she is stuck but at the same time she was excellent at explaining what the book was about and she was also very acceptable at expressions.

I wasn't by myself I was also with Tyra, She was another helper of Emily so we both read blogs each to Emily and we asked her questions if there were any words to clarify for us to define. The blogs we read to her were our own blogs and also Room 12 blog.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Who Am I?

My physical appearances include fuzzy hazel dark hair and dark brown eyes
my favourite food is hash brown, Ice-cream and fruit salad.

What I don’t like are children because they provoke me a lot
and I hate it when people are sad because it won't make my day sometimes.

My hobbies are watching my favourite anime like Naruto, Swimming Club, Fairy
Tail, Seven Deadly Sins and also Seven Deadly Pirates.

Those are pretty much my favourite anime which are awesome.

My second hobby is playing Fortnite,
Fortnite is a game that is famous and has over 2 million people playing it.
In  this game the characters explore their world and that’s how it became so

My third hobby is making people laugh.
Making people laugh is a good thing to do and people will supposedly like you.
I make people laugh for a reason like when they are sad
and lonely but sometimes I feel like doing nothing.

My last but not least hobby is helping people with their work and I believe
I could be a confident helper by helping people who actually need help.

I think this is it About Me, thank you!

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Back To School....

Hello I am Joanlisi and finally I have became a year seven student going up to year eight next year in 2019. It has been over two months since I blogged and my brain was starting to feel empty so I was glad that school was finally starting so I could learn more. From now on I am in room 12 and my teachers are Mrs Golder and Mr Reid.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Finally Get To See Different School Films

On Wednesday Was Our tenth year anniversary of Manaiakalani film festival. It was at Sylvia park Hoyts, everyone went except for kids that have been misbehaved and didn't bring their notice. In The Morning it was raining so we didn't get to do fitness outside so Miss Misela decided to do fitness inside, so for fitness we did dancing. So After five hours or six hours we finally went to line up But Miss Vickers Called up Miss Misela and the two presenter room tens presenters were Jessica And Leanah.

So all classes lined up and waited, Miss Vickers called brazie to go to her because he didn't bring his notice so he sat with a few kids, all classes hoped in there bus, The teachers Told us where to sit and I was sitting next to Sosiua and next to Sosiua was Jacob. Then after a few minutes we finally arrived So the teachers that were with us told us to behave and be sensible. We lined up and we walked to the cinema we saw a few schools and I saw People that were at Ruapotaka long time ago.

Then when we were sitting there i was talking to Sosiua and Mary-Ruth. We waited and waited until we finally got our School to go on the escalator and walk to the Hoyts. We saw a Hugely insane Figure of hulk and medium size of Thor it was cool. Then we went into our Cinema and I saw a huge screen it was cool but once we walked in I saw Lots of chairs that were empty, Then We sat in the Cinema chairs and I was next to Kain and Mary-Ruth. All the movies got shown on the big screen we all relaxed, i almost fell asleep. It finally came to my film it was about love Jessica and Leanah was our presenters they said

Jessica: Can you feel the love tonight?
Jessica: isn't love just the best?
Leanah: Well,besides all the lovey dubby stuff, what does love mean when it comes to people
Jessica: I'm Jessica
Leanah: and I'm Leanah
Together: and we are year six students from ruapotaka
Leanah: enjoy our film

that comes to the end and it was so cool

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

My New Learning Goals From Term 4

This is my new learning goals for this term so I can be a positive and smart learner.